Yup. As much as I adore coppersmithing and writing, I also love cooking. You can find me doing both on my YouTube channel, which I update more regularly than anything I've ever done in my life (eg...blogging...). 

i love cooking


Thanks to my lovely agent, Bonnie, and my amazing editor, Cassie, William Morrow / HarperCollins published Copper Iron and Clay: A Smith's Journey in April 2020. I don't recommend launching a book 6 weeks into a world pandemic, but it will still live forevermore! (Grab a copy!)

The book


Yup, that's right, as far as I can figure, I'm the only woman in America who builds copper cookware from scratch. Whether that's with my House Copper line, or custom builds, using my 1700s-1800s tools or more modern ones...this is it! You can learn more by visiting www.housecopper.com

sole woman

Fact no.1

I poured all my love of history, cooking, and cookware, along with metalsmithing, into each material. You'll learn more than you ever wanted, because you didn't know you didn't know...


Copper, Iron, and Clay: A smith's Journey

the book

In this book, I wanted to chat the science of cookware, but also how to use the basics, and how to care for it, and even the different shapes available. It's all there!


A book on cookware wouldn't be complete without a tad bit of cooking. Fifteen recipes, from heirloom family ones to others I've gathered from chefs and bakers from all over the USA. Just...yum!